Brights and Pastels

Jeans - Guess; Peplum top - H&M; Blazer - Wilfred; Wedges - Kelsi Dagger; Cuff - Club Monaco; Necklace - The Bay

For our outing to Fontainebleau (which you can read all about HERE) I decided to experiment with mixing bright blue pieces and soft pink. It ended up looking really nice, which was quite surprising as I would normally stick with all bright colours or all pastels. The backdrop to this photo shoot is the chateau gardens in this small French town. This peaceful and picturesque place was a nice change from the hustle and bustle (and sometimes smog) of Paris...for just one day. I'm always happy to come back home, even after a short day trip!



On Saturday, we took advantage of the sun and headed to Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau is located 60kms south of Paris. It is famous for the chateau Fontainebleau and amazing forest. People from Fontainebleau are called Bellifontains, I have no idea why I find that funny. The town is also home to the business school INSEAD.

We took the RER (our second RER experience), it's a short walk from the tain station to the forest, which leads to the city center / chateau.

It's a very idyllic 20 minute walk through the forest to the chateau. Unlike the time when we went to to the Bois de Boulongne, we encountered no prostitutes on our stroll. We stopped for some baguette sandwiches before entering the chateau garden so that we could have this view during our lunch.

The chateau gardens were amazing, not as elaborate as Versailles, but it was amazingly deserted for such a beautiful Saturday.

We didn't actually go into the chateau, because if you've seen one chateau, you've seen them all :) That might be just my opinion!

The town itself is cute.

We spent an amazing day wandering around. The day ended with a perfect stroll back to the train station along the "grand canal".


Luxury Vintage

In the past several months, I have come across a large number of vintage stores in Paris. Although I have always had a great time perusing their isles and trying on the occasional fur coat, most of the second hand items are not in the best condition, so I have shy'd away from purchasing anything from these places. Just recently though, I came across a few luxury consignment stores located on Rue de la Tour, not far from our apartment. These stores carry purses, shoes and clothing in a variety of high end brands, for a fraction of the price! I have since warmed up to the idea of buying a couple pairs of these "as good as new but half the price" shoes instead of a new pair of ridiculously priced designer ones. 


Leather and Lace and Everything Nice

Blouse - BCBG; Skirt - Zara; Sneakers - Andre; Sunnies - RayBan; Watch - Michael Kors; Earrings - The Bay; Ring - Market in Paris

That's the correct saying right? Well regardless, leather and lace go together like peas and carrots. The femininity of lace and edginess of leather are a combination I can't resist. I especially love these slip on lace sneakers! I have been searching for some cute comfortable flats like these and finally found them at a shoes store down the street called Andre. They were reasonably priced and adhere to my plan of only buying French brands!


Paris By Movie

People like to prepare themselves before travelling to a city. Some read guide books, while others prefer to watch movies that were filmed in their destination of choice. If you are heading to Paris, you should probably check out the following movies. They are a great way to get you excited for your big trip!

Midnight in Paris: The film's opening provides some amazing shots of the city. After watching this movie you'll really want to stroll around the Latin Quarter.

Amélie: Of course an authentic French movie is one of the best ways to get a taste of Paris. Watching Amélie will let you tour around Montmartre with authority. 

Paris, Je T'aime (Paris I love you): This movie is a compilation of short films. Each film is set in a different arrondissement. The film set in the 14th is hilarious. 

Before Sunset: Okay I posted this yesterday, but it's that good that it deserves to be posted again. Paris is definitely the third main character in this film.

2 days in Paris: Adam Goldberg's character is constantly afraid of getting sick and so is DJB. Naturally, I like this movie. 

Last Tango in Paris: Ok, this is not a PG movie, but it certainly pays tribute to the Bir-Hakeim bridge. The clip is from the opening scene. Interestingly enough, Marlon Brando never memorized his lines. I actually did a post on this bridge here.

Happy watching!


Blue and Yellow

Blouse - Jessica Simpson; Pants - BCBG; Pumps - Franco Sarto; Earrings - Swarowski; Bracelet - Gifted

I don't think I've ever worn this colour combination before but it felt perfect for a warm springy day last week. This is something that I will definitely wear when I return to my 9 to 5, with a sweater or blazer over top as I am still not sure that sleeveless blouses with open backs are appropriate in an office setting (hide those racy shoulders ladies :P). 

These pics were snapped at the Promenade Plantee (French for tree-lined walkway) which is a 4.7km elevated park built on top of an abandoned railway. Pretty cool! This was where part of the movie "Before Sunset" was filmed. You can spot the Promenade in the trailer.