After Prague we headed by van to Vienna. The drive wasn't as scenic as I hoped. We passed what seemed to be a sex outlet that had strip joints and burlesque houses which was very strange. Austria is now one of DJB's favourite countries because it's one of the few that produces good wine and makes good beer. Oh, and it's surprisingly affordable! We started of our first afternoon in Vienna by drinking mimosas on a boat!

Vienna is probably the cleanest and safest city in Europe, but it's still home to some great street art.

If you go to Austria, be prepared to eat all kinds of sausages! This is a currywurst!

We went to a "concert" that had classical music, ballet, and opera all in one show. It was extremely touristy and corny but still worth it!

Vienna was the last stop of our little group trip :(

This may or may not have been taken from the table of a seniors tour group after they left 90% of the prosseco untouched :)

From the capital of one Germanic city to another, next stop...Berlin.



Our first trip post Paris took us to Prague. Two good friends joined us on our "honeymoon" which made this trip that much better.  The city has a reputation of being beautiful and cheap, both of which are true! If you go to Prague, make sure to see its famous clock. Every hour you can see (along with a million other tourists) the most underwhelming show in Europe :)

Sandwiched between Germany and Austria, the country is heavily influenced by it's Germanic neighbours, and this is certainly true for the food and beer. By the way, the beer term "Pilsner"is derived from the word Plzen, which is a city in the CR.

We stayed at a "party hostel", it was great except I felt really...really old.

We found a hidden roof top patio where you can get the best view of the city. A glass of Prosseco was only 4 euros. We returned again at night but unfortunately the place was overrun by spiders, but so was everywhere else. Why are there so many spiders in Prague??? Next stop...Vienna!



Hello from Greece! What better way to end a year in Europe than to spend a few weeks where Europe started. But first, a post that I've been putting off for a few weeks. About a month ago we headed to Lyon, which is France's second city (although Marseille might disagree). Long story short, it's a beautiful city with great food and great wine. The wine from this region (Côtes du Rhône) is our favourite!